Plumbing is a physically taxing job

Plumbing is a hard job

I recently had to change out my bathroom faucet because it was dripping. I took a look at the lower trap and began to take it apart. That part wasn’t hard until it snapped and broke. Ok, so now I have to replace the trap too. I went to the local DIY store, mind you it was close but with having to get in my car and find parking took some time. I got the store and bought my new faucet and I think the right size trap. Oh yeah, there are two or three sizes of traps. So, I bought two, I did not want to come back to the DIY store again.

I arrived home and began to remove the faucet, it was in a small two door cabinet. I had to lay down turn on my side and get the upper half of my body into the cabinet. I did not fit all the way so I was resting on my side just below my arm pit. I was not in a comfortable position. The work area was very tight with limited movement. I had the right tools and began disassembling the faucet water connections. Of course water went everywhere. I had to stop and get some rags to clean up the mess. Once that was done I had to get back into that side ways position again resting just below my left armpit. I finally removed the water hoses and began removing the faucet. I go the faucet out and got up from the laying down position. I now had red marks on the left side of my rib cage from laying all my weight on the cabinet. They were starting to get painful.

Next I had to install the new faucet. I got top part inserted and needed a second pair of hands to hold the top while I put on the lower nut. You have to use a special tool to tighten the nut. I had the tool and it was not easy to use while lying on my left side partially in a two door small cabinet with more red sore marks on the left side of my body. I finally got it all together and tested for leaks etc.

By the end of this what I thought was a small job, I had numerous sore red marks on my lower left rib cage from laying on my side while I replaced the faucet. I was tired and frustrated that it took a tole on me.

The reason I talk about my story is to demonstrate how hard it is to do plumbing work. There is a reason you pay for a Plumbing contractor like Santa Monica Plumbing and Heating, they are experienced, have the right tools, will get the parts for you (so you don’t have to go to the DIY store and ask for parts you don’t know). Santa Monica Plumbing and Heating will get everything done for you. You can nickle and dime Plumbing contractors about how you can find this and that part for less etc. One thing that is worth paying for is experience. Santa Monica Plumbing and Heating has plenty of experience and will take care of you, guaranteed,