Tankless Water Heater Installation

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Endless supply of hot water

An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it. Especially for running more than one water outle at the same time. Tankless Water Heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.


Space saving

Tankless water heaters saves you an extra closet’s worth of space compared to a tank-type water heater. Gas tankless water heaters are small and mounted the wall.


Less worry

Tankless water heaters will last about 20 years, much longer than any conventional water heaters.  Tankless hot water heaters are less susceptible to leaks and water damage.

Water temperature safety tip

Water temperature safety

Hot water burns like Fire. The following are the length of exposure of skin to hot water required to cause a full thickness scald.

At 70 degree Celsius- 1 second for an adult and half a second for a child. At 60 degree Celsius- 5 seconds for an adult and 1 second for a child. At 50 degree Celsius-5 minutes for an adult or child.

The National Plumbing and Drainage Code AS3500 4.2 1997 says that all new hot water installations shall, at the outlet of all sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes, deliver hot water not exceeding:45 degree Celsius for early childhood centers, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for young, aged, sick or disabled persons. 50 degree Celsius in all other buildings. These temperature limits are optional for kitchen sinks and laundry tubs.

A good safe setting would be to reduce (temper) all hot water outlets as we find that hot water at 50 degree Celsius is hot enough in most normal situations and give the peace of mind that all possibilities of scalding are eliminated.

Making your house safe.
It is quite possible to fit a tempering valve to existing installations, giving you safe hot water for your children or grandchildren.

“I only turned my back for a second..”
But it only takes a second to receive burns that require numerous skin grafts.

Burns can be prevented so please act now and give us a call and ask about Tempering Valves.